Blog Entries (please see rules below). Thank you to Carolyn Mager of West & Mager Insurance and Financial Services for sponsoring the 2024 Medallion Hunt!

Medallion found at 5:35 p.m. Thursday, February 1 in Jefferson Park by Tom and Montana Weisgerber of Saint Peter after Clue #7!

February 1, 2024 — Google

January 31, 2024 — Oh my!

We have a certifiable chicken-and-egg situation here.

Which happened first:

1/2 – Amanda Sanders commented after Clue #1 in the Chamber thread, “It’s like a toddler comes up with the riddles.”

1/2 – The Rapscallion wrote Clue #5 that stated, “Say what you want about these clues.”

The background is that the Rapscallion saw Ms. Sanders’ comment and called me to ask what the heck.

Being a disinterested third party in the medallion hunt, and an objective advocate for both the hiders and the seekers, I posted a friendly response to Ms. Sanders (no relation to Colonel Sanders of 11-herbs-and-spices fame, that we know of), “Please elaborate.”

Ms. Sanders did not take the opportunity to elaborate, which I respect in an it’s-your-prerogative-sort-of-a way.

Here’s where it gets chicken-and-eggy, which is ironic due to Ms. Sanders’ name but no known connection to the popular fried chicken empire.

Without getting too deep in the weeds, I am surmising that the clue was written before the comment was written. I am guessing the comment surprised the Rapscallion, because he/she/they knew that Clue #5 would be released saying say what you will about these clues.

It’s just one of those happy little coincidences in the universe. But, like every good chicken-and-egg mystery, this blog has definitively solved absolutely nothing.

This blog has a 20-year history of solving absolutely nothing, it must be admitted and acknowledged.

But wait! Kentucky Fried Chicken used to have a franchise located on the south end of town, which was located close to Wells Federal Bank, which became CCF Bank and moved. The history-loving Rapscallion would absolutely know about the existence of the former KFC. I am just going to reiterate that he/she/they is the chicken in this equation, and Riverside Park, which several seekers are saying all the clues point to, is the closest public park to the former KFC.

It adds up, seekers. It’s just a theory, but perhaps today we have solved humanity’s oldest and most vexing question: What came first, the chicken or the egg. In it’s own medallion hunt context, of course.

January 30, 2024 — I don’t know.

I just think about 20 years of medallion hunting.

In so many years, the medallion is hidden only close to something, but not right next to it or attached to it.

In something like the third year, the medallion was hidden taped to the underside of a bench. The Rapscallion said a lesson was learned when, regardless of clue meanings, the medallion was found there after just one clue. The finder said he flipped a coin on going to Gault Park or Jefferson Park when the clue alluded to a place overlooking the valley. It took him two hours of searching Gault Park to nab it.

So many times — think about it — the medallion has been hidden only close to something. Because, according to the Rapscallion, there are dig marks around every bench, light pole, sign post, playground equipment, you name it. Except, perhaps, some random seemingly insignificant tree. If it’s in the open and away from stuff, there are just more ironically inconspicuous places to hide it.

A finder by the name of David Briese was a genius when it was hidden in Ramsey Park. He figured that a clue meant it was hidden out from a fence line, picture an imaginary path that was a continuation of a fence line. So, there was no snow for much of the hunt, but eight inches on something like Day 7 of the hunt. David, for more than two hours, shoveled a path from the fence line and finally found a big white envelope that was the same color as the snow. Inside that envelope, which was out in the open, was the medallion.

Think about the art of this, peeps! The Rapscallion who hides the medallion and writes the clues needs to get searchers gradually close enough, but not too close too soon. And it’s difficult, because seekers are searching basically every square inch of the park where they are sure it is located.

Fresh in our memories is the 2022 hunt, when it was in Levee Park. Clues pointed to the Pearly Gates, a song with the word Levee in it, maybe the only horseshoe pit in a public space in Saint Peter and a path. Rick Wright, a seasoned hunter who had found the medallion in two previous years, went exactly to the right path and tree where the medallion was. He searched and pulled away snow around the right tree, but didn’t unearth the medallion. Cole McCarthy and Gavin Grochow, who had also found the medallion in a previous year, went to the same tree, saw the dig marks made by Wright, ignored them and kept digging and low-and-behold found the medallion right there.

The Rapscallion’s tendencies are worth noting, seekers. Maybe be line Cole and Gavin, who didn’t assume a spot had been fully searched. We’ll see you at the Chamber, trading the medallion for a fist full of loot and a big vat of stone soup!

January 29, 2024 — We have happily garnered the attention of the Cooler Crew in the Saint Paul medallion hunt, and we publicly thank them for reaching out.

We poked the bear on January 19, wondering if the Cooler Crew would see our friendly banter accusing Saint Paul of stealing the capital from Saint Peter in 1858.

Low and behold they saw it, had some fun with it and liked the idea of more public banter in the future. Think about it: It could be like witnessing professional pickleball with the back and forth.

They joked that in the Saint Peter Winterfest schedule, we mixed up two words in our announcement of a taffy-pulling contest in Saint Peter. You are all wise, so we’ll see if you can, will and/or decide to decipher that one.

Let’s discuss last night’s clue. Well, wow. Speculation by seekers led to surmises about a sport or two that involves diamonds and balls. But, it seemed like a reach.

Will tonight’s clue be more revealing? Go unveil the frost-free puck before the rain comes, seekers!

January 28, 2024 — Congratulations to the Koops Crew, and specifically a pair of brothers who found the St. Paul medallion in Bruce Vento nature area on Saturday, January 27.

It was the seventh clue that pointed them to the hill harboring the medallion in a clear plastic pyramid.

A plastic box behind a patch of grass concealed the prized piece in Saint Paul.

The Koops Crew claimed their first find, and it was also a first for the nature area.

Luke and Josh Koopmeiners own the braggin’ rights up there for a year.

The family has seven hunting members and every year they divide up the parks to trigger the intense research.

They keep a binder with past clues and info, which has them surmising the third clue each year hints at what the medallion is hidden in.

The Vento nature sanctuary is the former site of North Star beer brewing. There was a clue that subtly alluded to it.

Seven clues is one of the fastest hunts. Since 2105, anyway, when it was detected in five clues.

Meanwhile in Saint Peter, the Rapscallion telephoned me at noon yesterday with a snarky question about whether the Winterfest medallion had been found yet.

“No,” I responded, simply.

“Well, I just thought it must have been found already because everyone on Facebook is saying it will be easy because there is no snow.”

There was a happy, hearty laugh coming from the Rapscallion.

Do you see what is happening, Saint Peter seekers? This qualifies as taunting hahaha heheheeheehee.

Clue 3 will be posted at 5:01 p.m. today, and it just might lead you closer. Happy fortunes, searchers!

January 27, 2024 — The Common Man likes to say, “I’m not sayin’. I’m just sayin’. Know what I’m sayin’?”

Of the parks mentioned in Clue #1, only Levee has harbored the medallion only once. The others have served at least twice each as the hiding place.

Probably doesn’t mean anything, though, beloved seekers.

Go fetch it!

January 26, 2024 — This just in: It’s the Rapscallion’s final year.

Hiding the medallion, and writing the clues, has been fun and rewarding, the Rapscallion says, but it’s time to pass the torch.

There will be a feature story at some point highlighting the great, surprising, clever moments of the medallion hunts over the years. But for now, just know that you are living in a significant window of history.

Be assured the medallion hunt will continue next year and years beyond. It’s just too good to let go. A new hider and clues writer will be identified.

Please notice we didn’t say the Medallion Rapscallion is necessarily one person or a committee of peeps. That’s up in the air.

Embrace it, seekers. You have absorbed the tendencies and predictabilities of the Rapscallion. You have a few more days of it, if the 2024 hunt goes that long.

January 25, 2024 — We invite comments to

Wouldn’t you love to chat about it? And see your comments showing up in Medallion Rapscallion, the official blog of the two-decades old medallion hunt?

In the past, you have not appreciated your theories gracing the hallowed pages of the blog. We have tried to cool it along those lines.

Because it’s like a fishing spot, a honey hole as it were.

Hunters do draw themselves to other hunters. We have definitely seen that.

Share with me, though. Tell me what you think you know. I love your theories.

And I will keep them confidential. Mostly. Probably.

January 24, 2024 — Does it seem like the power seekers are the ones who find the medallion every year?

I am talking about the ones who invest multiple hours and oodles of brainpower.

The ones who leave Bingo early because they have a hunch, or shovel for two hours along a fence line because they saw something in a clue. Or, they got off work and went directly to their hunting hunch.

It’s crazy how falling into a fanatical trance pays dividends.

Immerse yourselves, seekers. Feel the universe telling you where it is.

January 23, 2024 — Will there be peeps at the Opening Ceremony?

Does that matter?

Remember the scene in Groundhog Day where the entire town shows up at Gobbler’s Knob, at dawn, to witness whether Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow on February 2.

It’s festive.

The fact of the matter is, peeps in massive numbers don’t show up for outdoor events in January. Yeah, we’ll brew up some hot chocolate and spark up a bonfire for s’mores, and even call the Chamber office the “warming house” where peeps can spend the whole hour if they want. But, attendance is always light, and it would be even if we had a beer wagon.

We don’t feel bad about it. It is what it is. We heard of a bean bags in the street event last weekend, and in the photos, it seemed like only the players, not spectators, were into it.

Wait until Bock Fest in New Ulm on March 2, and the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade on March 17. The crowds at both rival Gobbler’s Knob, in a proportional sense.

The Winterfest Opening Ceremony will feel more like Springfest, if you believe the weather forecast. Alas, bundle up anyway, because Minnesota is bold even in mild temperatures. We’ll see you out there, seekers! A good time will be had by all. We hope you attend the Opening Ceremony from 5 to 6 p.m. on Friday, January 26 at the Chamber and Tourism office!

January 22, 2024 — One of my favorite moments in the 20 years of the Medallion Hunt. No, wait, strike that. My FAVORITE moment in the 20-year history was when the first clue was being read at the Opening Ceremony, and behind the reader was the hiding place of the medallion in Levee Park.

It was the greatest picture ever.

I promise I didn’t know the medallion was hidden there. I never know where it is, because I love writing the blog and playing cat and mouse with the hiders.

From the early years, the hiders vowed to someday stash the medallion right outside my office or home window, just to mess with me. I had forgotten that they said that.

The hunt went nine clues that year, and it was Cole McCarthy and Gavin Grochow who found it, acting on the hunch of their friend Barb Luker.

It was a recent year — 2022. There were clues about maps being available at the Chamber and “business at hand.” But, my favorite clue that year, and any year for that matter, was “… pick up your gait … .” What I loved wasn’t the fact the medallion was in the park with the Pearly Gates. What I loved was the word “gait” referred to the only horseshoe pit in a city park, and the horseshoe pit was just a few feet from where the medallion was hiding.

It’s tricky, though. The hindsight is 20-20. Be forward-thinking, seekers, and you will find clarity to the path that leads to the medallion.

January 21, 2024 — Are there peeps who are strongly considering where the medallion has not been hidden?

Let’s just throw it out there: It has never been stashed in Riverside Park, Johnson Park, Prairie Ridge Park or Community Spirit Park.

Will it ever be?

We know it very unlikely the medallion will ever be hidden in a dog park, and it definitely won’t be at the fairgrounds or the Treaty Site History Center.

“Public land” has always meant a park.

I don’t know; I really don’t. What I do know is it has been hidden multiple times in the parks of the Mill Pond, Jefferson, Stone’s Way, Minnesota Square, Gault, McGill and Warren. Only four of the 19 hunts has it been in a unique park (Vets, Gorman, Levee and Ramsey).

Does any of this mean anything? Well, do any of the blogs posted since January 6, 2024, or for that matter since 2004, mean anything hahaha?

Go get it, seekers! This is your year. This is your destiny.

January 20, 2024 — Right now, one of two things is happening.

Either, the hiders are saying no problem, because we have had plenty of years without snow.

Or, they are saying big problem, because without snow how in the world can you hide a treasure?

How would you deal with this if you were the hiders?

Well, it’s crazy how the medallion has been concealed in no-snow hunts. No doubt, experienced seekers are thinking about it.

Are there peeps out there who are anticipating the clues but are clueless to the Rapscallion’s no-snow strategies?

Ask around, rookies. The mentors will, probably, share a tidbit or two about how to show in a no-snow situation.

January 19, 2024 — We are excited that our friends in Saint Paul are in the final approach for their medallion hunt, which starts on Sunday, January 21.

Their medallion is hidden somewhere on public land in Ramsey County.

Like us, a lucky seeker seems to always pluck the little idol from a park.

In Saint Paul, they encourage you to buy a patch. If you have a patch when you find the idol, you win a better prize.

In Saint Peter, there is no such patch, badge, wrestling belt, golden ticket, ticketmaster ticket, fanny pack, button or handbag. Like a footrace, the first one to capture the medallion is the winner. Period.

Now, it’s unclear whether the black sheep Saint of the family’s medallion hunt has an official blogger, but we would obviously encourage any friendly rivalry that could precipitate.

It has been a year or two, but we have definitely garnered the attention of the Cooler Crew, which as far as we can tell is an online group of medallion hunt enthusiasts loosely based in the city named after the saint who rhymes with fall and stole our capital away from us in 1858ish.

The Cooler Crew is cool. They have an annual “Pre-Dig Gig,” and this year it is January 20 from 18:00 to 22:00 at Joseph’s Grill on Wabasha Street (the one in Saint Paul, not the one in Saint Peter). “As always, we’ll have the park pick pool,” the Cooler Crew’s page reports. “BFG and Cluey can post those details.” It’s $26 to attend.

Well, Cooler Crew, we’ll see your Pre-Dig Gig and raise you an Opening Ceremony, outside, complete with a bonfire, search for the paperwork that would have made Saint Peter the capital, s’mores and singalong that can be heard from Whoville and Saint Paul.

What do we do to get the Vulcans to come? We’re going to need a bigger bonfire, maybe.

All in good fun, friends. Good luck up there. We wish the hiders, seekers, organizers and volunteers in the great community of Saint Paul all the best in their 2024 endeavor. Come down and share your spiciest Saint Peter jokes with us! We are good sports. All of you and all of us are kindred spirits in the off-the-beaten-path activity of bundling up and searching fruitless hours for a little round disc.

January 18, 2024 — Would it be a hint to disclose where the medallion has been hidden in each of the 19 years of the event?

Or would it just serve as a red herring, because, like investing past performance does not guarantee future results.

The little disc was hidden three years in a row in Jefferson Park. So, it never mattered that it had been hidden there before.

Strolling down memory lane with the Rapscallion, this was our recollection of where the medallion has been hidden, in case any seekers glean relevance from knowing this information:

Veterans Park

Mill Pond Park (twice)

Jefferson Park (three times)

Stone’s Park (twice)

Minnesota Square Park (twice)

Gorman Park

Ramsey Park

Gault Park (twice)

McGill Park (twice)

Levee Park

Warren Park (twice)

So there you have it: Nineteen places in 19 years. Which parks intrigue you in 2024?

January 17, 2024 — Remember the year the medallion was hidden in Gorman Park?

Think about how challenging that must have been for the hider.

If you go there in the winter, so much of the snow is trampled with footprints.

Think about all the kids there are in that park playing every day.

Stealthy was the hider, presumably lurking in the darkness, or maybe even the light, to place the medallion.

And several seekers ferreted out the clue meanings reasonably early, so they knew it was hidden in that park. But there was just so much ground to cover.

And, while clues aligned with Willis A. Gorman, they also did so with Thomas Jefferson.

There were as many peeps searching Jefferson as there were Gorman.

Every year the clues get more and more specific to the magic area of the right park or public land. It becomes like fishing, where peeps know darn well there is a walleye in the lake, but they just don’t know exactly where. So boats keep moving.

May your figurative boat stop over the medallion so you can reel it in and collect the cool prize!

January 16, 2024 — Oh, we know there will be questions about the prize for finding the medallion.

Simply put, it’s a big steaming vat of Stone Soup.

More specifically, we can say that it’s at least $400 in Chamber Bucks and a fun array of prizes thrown in to sweeten the deal.

From the Chamber you will receive an official collectors event shirt from the 2023 Halloween Fun Run, key to the Pearly Gates and a bunch of other swag.

The business community is coming to the vat with a variety of stuff.

We are looking forward to presenting the vat of Stone Soup to the finder.

Get your theories aligned, seekers! Stone Soup is just the sustenance you need to fuel you through the winter.

January 15, 2024 — Cold weather?

Well, it hasn’t stopped seekers in previous years.

They dress in layers, cover up bare skin and sweat from their snow shovels.

There are those who venture out without tools, but their searches seem merely to scratch the surfaces.

It seems like the searchers with the metal rake and metal shovel best detects the medallion’s resting place.

But implement your best strategy, seekers. There is no wright way or wrong way!

(Did Ed say “wright” to refer to former finder Rick Wright? Or was it a Wright brothers airplane reference? The answer is neither. It’s just fun to mix up spelling sometimes to keep the grammar police on their toes.)

January 14, 2024 – Long-timers with the Medallion Hunt know well that it’s never been hidden too close to a church, school or someone’s home.

It’s a respect thing.

No one wants flashlight beams too close to their windows or footprints in the fresh snow in their yards.

So, the medallion has always been in a park or on park land, like the year it was close to Gault Park at a stormwater basin along a paved trail.

These “where-it-isn’t” tidbits should serve as hints about where not to waste your time searching. It will never be at the Veterans Memorial or Treaty Site History Center lands.

Laser-focus your searches, seekers! Don’t forget to carry your lucky rabbit’s foot and four-leaf clover.

January 13, 2024 – There’s no kerfuffle.

There is no schism.

There has always been creative tension between me and the peeps who hide the medallion.

Ed: “Come on now! You hid the medallion in Jefferson Park three years in a row?”

Rapscallion: “Hee hee hee. Yeah, and when that was done, you will remember that the exact same Clue #1 was posted in the first and second years of it.”

Ed: “Seriously, I consider that taunting the searchers.”

Rapscallion: “Listen! The searchers are smart! They figure that stuff out. It’s really hard to stay one step ahead of them.”

Ed: Sigh.

See what you are dealing with, searchers? I wish you success in your gamesmanship against the Rapscallion.

Ed Lee is the director of the Chamber and Tourism Bureau. Call him at 507-766-4560 if you find the medallion. The hunt starts January 26!

January 8, 2024 – Medallion Hunt starts on January 26

Oh, where are my manners?

Three days into this blog and I am just now providing the arguably most essential information.

So let’s get to that.

Now that the lead is sufficiently buried.

The 2024 Winterfest Medallion Hunt will begin with the reading of the first clue on January 26 in Levee Park outside the Chamber and Tourism office.

Like with every year, the Winterfest Opening Ceremony will begin at 5 p.m., the reading of the first clue will be 5:30 p.m., and the posting of the first clue will be at 6:01 p.m.

Get here for it! Dang, we say that every year, and we just don’t get the masses to actually show up.

As with all the opening ceremonies of past years, we’ll bride your attendance with free hot chocolate, a free bonfire, free mini medallion hunt for the Joe Rolette missing paperwork that would have made Saint Peter the state capital, and free marshmallows and free chocolate and free graham crackers to creatively build free s’mores over the free bonfire.

We’ll see you here, seekers!

Ed Lee is director of the Saint Peter Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau. Please call Ed immediately at 507-766-4560 if you find the medallion.

January 7, 2024 – This blog’s name is Medallion Rapscallion

Again, this blog carries the name, “Medallion Rapscallion”.

We honor the hider, who we have coined as “Medallion Rapscallion,” because of the dedication he/she/it/them have extended not only this year, but past years as well.

He/she/it/them also write all the clues. Clever is he/she/it/them, as Yoda of Star Wars fame would phrase it.

He/she/it/them might be out there hiding the medallion right now. Or was it hidden in July, for reasons convenient to the Medallion Rapscallion?

We have a direct communication pipeline to the Medallion Rapscallion, just as Gene Okerlund did to the Crusher. It has to be that way. But, know this: Mean Gene wasn’t privy to much specific strategy exacted by the Crusher, and neither are we when it comes to the Rap.

Who doesn’t love a wrestling reference in Winterfest’s first year of WinterMania, which is on February 2, by the way. Shameless plug, because I think seekers can tend to be professional wrestling fans.

Anyway, as the segue goes, the Medallion Rapscallion sends his/her/its/their regards. He/she/it/they greatly respect you grizzled, seasoned, experienced, wily seekers who are constantly non-verbally communicating they are trying to stay one step ahead of him/her/it/them.

Thank you, seekers!

Ed Lee is director of the Saint Peter Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau. Please call Ed immediately at 507-766-4560 if you find the medallion.

January 6, 2024 – And so it begins, the 2024 Medallion Hunt

First off, THANK YOU to Carolyn Mager of West & Mager Insurance and Financial Services for serving as presenting sponsor for the 2024 Saint Peter Winterfest Medallion Hunt.

The medallion carries the West & Mager logo, as we very much appreciate the support and encouragement.

The rules this year are the same, but there are some twists and turns we think you, the hunters, will love. We’ll get into those as the blogging days nudge us closer to the shovels, rakes and winter wear essential for successful searchers.

We want to pile a heaping helping of gratitude upon you, knowing it sticks, for getting into the spirit of the medallion hunt. Playing hide and seek would be so very empty if only hiders and no seekers immersed themselves in the amazement of this chilly game.

All the best to you, seekers!

Ed Lee is director of the Saint Peter Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau. Please call Ed immediately at 507-766-4560 if you find the medallion.


Tom and Montana Weisgerber find medallion a fourth time for the family

Déjà vu weaved through each clue as Tom and Montana Weisgerber for the family’s fourth time found the medallion in the park where it has been hidden four times.

“We knew it had to be here or Riverside,” Tom said. “It had to be a big area, because there was no snow to hide it.”

Montana added: “We were in this spot three times but missed it. We looked at every piece of litter and everything that looked that it could maybe be out of place.”

And then, at 5:35 p.m. on Thursday, February 1 the corner of Tom’s eye caught a little conspicuous pile of leaves that was oddly wet and dark in this 20th year of the event, which was likely the warmest as the temperature reached 49 degrees at find time and 55 degrees the day before.

Sure enough, the father-daughter duo that had been part of three finds in the previous 19 years hit pay dirt.

“Doing this every year you get a sense of distance from the clues,” Tom said. “We were led to right field with softball-baseball references and maybe a home run where the ball landed far enough beyond the fence but not all the way to the walking path.”

It was tucked snug as a bug in a rug in its clear zip-lock bag in a thicket of weeds.

“This was definitely our luckiest find, or the one where the clues didn’t pinpoint its location,” Tom said. Montana noted that the weather was perfect.

Montana said that Clue #6’s word “purchase” triggered the Louisiana Purchase, and Thomas Jefferson’s involvement with it, immediately at 5:01 p.m. when it was posted. They were searching the park within five minutes or so.

But they had a hunch about Jefferson Park since first going there on Monday, after fruitless footsteps through the disc golf course at Riverside Park a day earlier and Veterans Park after Clue #1 and before Clue #2.

“We look forward to searching together every year,” said Montana, who sleuthed that a nearby sidewalk must mean the clue that said walking is the best form of exercise. “It’s great to do this together.”

They spent nine hours in their hunt this year. Past years have brought them together, alone or in another search party to finds with Tom in 2011 in Minnesota Square Park, Tom with Montana at Stone’s Park in 2016, and Montana in Jefferson Park by the tunnel under Nicollet Avenue in 2018.

“I do better in the years when the clues are about history than when they are about something like pop culture,” Tom said. This year’s clues were not very leading, he said.

They said they will spend the $400 Chamber Bucks prize on fun stuff like gas and groceries. With it is a big vat of stone soup swag items donated by local businesses to sweeten the deal. Organizers appreciate Carolyn Mager of West & Mager Insurance and Financial Services for stepping up to sponsor the hunt in the first year community-promoting tourism dollars could not be invested in that manner.

The stone soup is worth less than $30, but collectors’ items like a Pearly Gates key, vintage Halloween Fun Run event shirt and intriguing array of other swag will enhance their bragging rights for the next year.

The 2024 medallion was for the first time an actual hockey puck.

“This is the first find when I didn’t have my magic shovel,” Tom said. “Someone left it at the house, and I always used it.”

2019 finders Amanda and Scott Emerich gravitated to the find location like piranhas to fish bait.

“I am so happy for you two,” Amanda said. “It’s only fitting – the fourth family find in the park where it has been hidden four times.”

“Yeah, way to go, you two,” said Trae Swehla, the 2023 finder who descended to the Weisgerbers when he sensed commotion. “Congratulations!”

This marks the final time for the Medallion Rapscallion, who has hidden the medallion and written the clues all 20 years of the hunt.

Ed Lee is director of the Saint Peter Chamber of Commerce, which has organized the annual medallion hunt for 20 years.

2024 Winterfest Medallion Hunt Rules (SEE Blog Entries BELOW). Please call Ed at 507-766-4560 immediately if you find it!

20th Annual Winterfest Medallion Hunt Rules. Thank you to Carolyn Mager of West & Mager Insurance and Financial Services for sponsoring this event!

Find the Medallion somewhere in St Peter, and you will win $400 in St. Peter Chamber Bucks plus a big vat of Stone Soup

There are a few simple rules to remember when searching for the St. Peter Winter Medallion:

The Medallion is located within the St. Peter city limits and on public property.

-Do NOT dig in the soil.

-Please respect other people’s property and DO NOT search for the Medallion on private property (never search Treaty Site History Center, adjacent properties, or cemeteries).

-Please DO NOT climb over any fences when looking for the Medallion. The Medallion is NOT located in a restricted area.

Clues will be posted at 5:01 p.m. each day, until the Medallion is found, on the following websites:


St. Peter Herald

St. Peter Chamber

If you find the Medallion, you can turn it in at the St. Peter Area Chamber of Commerce office located at 101 S. Front Street in St. Peter. If you find the Medallion outside of the normal Chamber of Commerce business hours, please call Ed at 507-766-4560 so, as a courtesy to all Medallion hunters, we can report via the Chamber Facebook Page that it has been found. An e-mail also will go immediately to the St. Peter Herald and Mankato Free Press.