2023 Saint Peter Winterfest Medallion Hunt Clues. Please call Ed at 507-766-4560 immediately if you find the medallion! New clue posted 5:01 p.m. daily until medallion is found. 

Medallion found. Congratulations to Trae Swehla of Saint Peter. It was by the sidewalk by red-lit tree near the kiosk in Minnesota Square Park at 5:05 p.m. on Saturday, February 4.

Clue #9 – Saturday, February 4th

The sidewalks go both through and around this park,

Somewhere on the edge is where you need to embark.

Look towards the evergreen and you will see the right place,

Finding it first will make all others very red in the face.

(Please call Ed immediately at 507-766-4560 if you find it.)

Clue #8 – Friday, February 3rd

If you still need some help and are getting a headache,

You should find a bench nearby and take a little break,

Checking the information kiosk might be what you need,

You may find that going a little south will help you succeed.

Clue #7 – Thursday, February 2nd

The stage is all set for the final days of the quest,

Now is the time for you to show who is really the best.

Not interpreting the clues correctly could seal your fate,

But do not be blue as there is still plenty to celebrate.

Clue #6 – Wednesday, February 1st

Captain Dodd originally gave St. Peter a different name,

But as some things change, others remain the same.

This one is an original right from the outset,

Which now has been set up so that we will never forget.

Clue #5 – Tuesday, January 31st

If you are still stumped trying to find our hidden prize,

Going for a little walk might help to open your eyes.

It would be a capital idea to use chronicles of the past,

Our history in Minnesota government is rich and vast.

Clue #4 – Monday, January 30th

Don’t let preconceived notions govern your search,

Generally speaking, that will put your pursuit in a lurch.

Doing a little research has always been good advice,

It will help you much more than just rolling the dice.

Clue #3 – Sunday, January 29th

A good education can help you find success,

Especially when you are in a good game of chess.

Not too far away you can hear children at play,

While others enjoy a picnic on a warm sunny day. 

Clue #2 – Saturday, January 28th

Where is the medallion is the question of the day,

But I cannot lie as the clues lead the way.

There is so much you can do here in this place,

With plenty of options to escape the rat race.

Clue #1 – Friday, January 27th

The medallion has been hidden for the 19th year in a row,

It is somewhere out there amidst all the deep snow.

The anticipation is growing as the show gets underway,

The one who finds the medallion will have their payday.