20th Annual Saint Peter Winterfest Medallion Hunt Clues

Medallion found at 5:35 p.m. Thursday, February 1 in Jefferson Park by Tom and Montana Weisgerber of Saint Peter.

What would have been Clue #9 – Saturday, February 3rd

Our founding fathers led the way so many years ago

Be as wise as the old sage and you will know where to go

There are trees all around everywhere you look

Leave nothing to chance and you’ll find the right nook

Although the medallion is still above ground

It had to be buried in whatever could be found

What you’ll find is worth much more than a $2 bill

Find the medallion and you will get a big thrill

What would have been Clue #8 – Friday, February 2nd

There was a runner on 3rd with lefty at the plate

The stars had aligned and it just seemed like fate

With a mighty swing and a sweet crack of the bat

The ball soared over the fence and landed with a splat

It was hit so hard I could hear the other players chat

That the ball travelled 3/5 of a mile in 10 seconds flat

Clue #7 – Thursday, February 1st (the medallion was found after this one)

Each of the clues has words that are hidden keys

But not even my best friend can figure out all of these

Don’t wait until Saturday afternoon to find the prize

You can locate it today if you are diligent and wise

Watch out for the white rabbit while on your way

It’s no secret that he will try to lead you astray

Please call Ed at 507-766-4560 immediately if you find it!

Clue #6 – Wednesday, January 31st

Some think they know better than these clues I compose

However, he who knows best knows how little he knows

I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past

So keep moving forward to find the medallion at long last

Don’t make a big purchase before the prize is in your mitt

You should never spend your money before you have earned it

Clue #5 – Tuesday, January 30th

Say what you want about these clues that you see

It really does lead you to where you want to be

Isn’t it getting clear? It can be as easy as 1-2-3

So pay attention and you could be winning it all

But exploring the right park would be a great call

Not checking a city map may be your downfall

Clue #4 – Monday, January 29th

Here’s hoping for a special round trip just for you

But exploring St. Peter is really what you should do

The medallion was hidden when snow was around

Leaving many footprints nearby on the ground

But those are long gone leaving nary a trace

You will find the puck way out there in it’s place

Clue #3 – Sunday, January 28th

Our recent deep freeze has caused some to say

They just want to go on a vacation far away

But this winter is not something you should dread

As our forecast now shows warmer days ahead

So get yourself out there and search for the prize

I believe that walking is the best form of exercise

Clue #2 – Saturday, January 27th

Through the years the rapscallion has had so much fun

Trying to stay one step ahead by using a rhyming pun

Be sure to stay on course and do not be led astray

Don’t let your first reaction be to slide away or hide away

It might be a long shot to locate the medallion today

But read between the lines and you may find it someday

January 26, 2024Clue #1 – Friday, January 26th

Twenty years of the medallion hunt seem to have gone by quite fast

We’ve been to parks like Warren, Jefferson, Levee and McGill in the past

But there are still a few parks where the medallion has never been

Did I go somewhere new or just visit one of the old parks again?

Take your best shot and let all the clues be your guide

You’ll find your target if you don’t throw any of them aside